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  The Fl  wering of the Cr  ne :

      Leonora Carrington, Another Reality


a film by Ally Acker

I am armed with madness for a long voyage...” writes British born visionary painter, sculptor and writer, Leonora Carrington, most often associated with the Surrealist movement, as well as the one-time lover of Max Ernst, Carrington’s work is arguably not “surreal” in the way her forebears meant, but possessed by a uniquely powerful and utterly personal vision.


Carrington rebelled from her upper class background nearly from birth. After being presented at Buckingham Palace, she escaped to London to study art. What followed would transform her iconography forever.


This is the only film of Carrington’s life and work produced in the United States covers her entire oeuvre, includes rare personal footage from the 1940's through the 21st Century, and includes a fanciful depiction of her famous 1939 short story, “The Debutante.”

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